Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Mid-February of this year I found out I was expecting my second baby. My first born was only 9 months old at the time, but this phased me very little because I knew I wanted my children close together. Also, I pretty much had wanted to be pregnant again as soon as he came out! All that being said, I didn’t realize then the strain I was putting on my body. Some would argue that I was still recovering from childbirth and I was setting out to do the whole thing over again! As early as 12 weeks I was starting to feel hip and back pain. So, I did what most moms do and complained on facebook. The advice I got from my friends was almost unanimous: GO TO THE CHIROPRACTOR!

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

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My first experience with the chiropractor was watching my husband be painfully readjusted after his back gave out. While I am open to alternative medicine I must admit that I lean towards skepticism. Eventually, the back pain started affecting my sleep and I gave in and scheduled an appointment.

All chiropractors are trained in prenatal care, but you can see chiropractors that have more advanced training with pregnant women. The highest level being a DACCP with the most advanced training, a CACCP a level under that. Chiropractors can be members of the ICPA which reflect interest in working with pregnant women, and finally a Webster Certified chiropractor who specializes with pelvic balance during pregnancy.

I am currently seeing Dr. Josh Lecker from Care Chiropractic. Each time I go, the appointment runs that same. I am greeted by friendly staff whom I have enjoyed getting to know over the past few months.

I am swiftly brought to the back and am adjusted on the table. The part where my belly goes slides downwards to create more room for baby. Dr. Lecker uses a tool called the activator, which reminds me of a hole punch. The activator tells certain nerves in your muscles to relax to help the adjustments become more effective.

After the initial adjustment I am then sent over to another table where they use a foam roller and do some additional stretching. Then it is time for my favorite part of the appointment, about 10 minutes on a roller table in a dark room. It is almost like a massage and is very relaxing. It is an important part of the appointment because this time of relaxation and spine stabilization allows the adjustment to “set in”. This table is called an IST table, and Dr. Lecker informed me that the movement it creates helps bring nourishment to the spine.

The final part of my appointment is where I sit on an exercise ball and do a few simple exercises. This includes rocking my pelvis front to back, side to side, and in circles. The movement created in the spine provides additional nourishment and encourages the baby to “fall into position.”

exercise ball


Benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy include less chance of miscarriage, less back pain during pregnancy, less chance of the baby being breech, less chance of back labor, and also shorter labor time over all.

I will say that I have experienced less back pain overall throughout this pregnancy, but about the time I sat down to write about the miracles of chiropractic care, I started having some pretty serious back pain. I scheduled an appointment and had strict instructions to ice the area. As pregnancy continues the hormone relaxin is loosening your joints and fighting against each adjustment. Dr. Lecker did admit to me that chiropractic treatment it isn’t perfect. He adjusted his own wife throughout pregnancy and during labor and she still had a c-section for a breech baby.

Unfortunately, my back pain has continued and become more severe. At this moment I am sitting with three pillows propping me up and ice strapped to my back. I have another appointment scheduled for Monday and am praying that I will be feeling better by then. I continue to hold onto the promises for a shorter labor and NO back labor. (Something I experienced with my first born. You can read it here.)

Have you had chiropractic care during pregnancy? What benefits did you see?

You can read more information on the subject at the American Pregnancy Association or if you want to get more analytical check out this article from the NCBI.



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    I had chriopractic care during all thre pregnancies. The last pregnancy I made sure to keep up with it. I pulled something pretty bad near the end and couldn’t move, so off to the chiropractor we went and he made it so I could move without as much pain. I had relatively short labours (9 hours, appx 5hrs and 3.5 hours) and I definitely think it helps!